Get taught electronics by kids at the Powerhouse

PHM-Masterclass-in-Reverse_ARDUINO-6-8-June-cropped1Masterclass in Reverse is a neat idea where adults get taught by kids – which in my experience is often the way the world works, although usually not this formally.

Adults can be taught the basics of Arduino by fourteen year old Aidan. He is a gamer, blogger, heavy coder and video editor/producer. He supports indie music and games as well as Open source freeware. He tends to lose track of time making video and browsing the web. He has his own little corner of the web which is his blog. Aidan was selected to present at ‘Ted x Youth Day’ about how more technology should be taught in schools.”

Then there’s Julian Peen who, at 9 years of age, is an inventor, programmer and builder of NXT Robots including a his own candy machine and the mindcuber (a machine that solves the Rubic Cube). Julian will be presenting on the Raspberry Pi.

This is yet another great idea from Thinkspace at the Powerhouse which is running this as part of Vivid. Full details and booking can be found here for the Arduino course and here for Raspberry Pi course.

Thinkspace is also running a range of electronics and programming courses in the coming school holidays, but these are the traditional way around.

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