Telstra’s vision of a future with short attention spans

If Telstra is to be believed the future is a place of dangerously short attention spans.

Telstra has this video showing a vision for the future. I’m not quite sure why they have it, or who it is aimed at. There’s not even anything particularly visionary or revealing in it. Fridges will be connected to the internet, people will be able to buy things online, you’ll be able to work at home or chat with your kids while at work. These all seem like short steps from today with the addition of devices that have transparent frame-less glass. I suppose that from Telstra’s point of view the important thing is that underlying all these things is high-speed internet.

The thing that grabbed my attention though was the short attention spans revealed in the video. I’m not sure I want a manager chatting to his kids in the middle of a business meeting; or a guy who appears to be doing something with huge containers on a wharf concerning himself with a video; or, worst of all, a doctor remote diagnosing someone while shopping for a dress.

The thing I find scary, given the number of people today you see texting while driving, is that it is this part of Telstra’s vision which is accurate.

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