The Guardian in Australia

TheguardianI’ve just been reading the Australian edition of The Guardian and it’s not bad.

There appears to be a fair range of news and it is local: which is a good start. It’s perhaps not quite as current as The Sydney Morning Herald online: a few of the current stories I’m looking at on The Guardian have follow-up stories already in place on The SMH. But, to be fair, in the nature of reviewing a new thing I’m looking at this with a hyper-critical eye. In the normal course of things I’d be unlikely to notice.

Regardless of currency the really good thing is that there are different stories on The Guardian. Anything which extends the range of information available is a good thing as far as I’m concerned. And the more information, the more honesty and less bias we’re likely to see in the media. So, g’day The Guardian.

The web address is:

The more obvious domain name is already owned by a local newspaper which is suddenly enjoying a sharp spike in traffic thanks to the “traffic accident”.

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