Contemplating the depth of the market for LEGO stop motion movies

O.K. I’m confused. Is it my job to tell you these things exist; or to act as a sink strainer making sure they don’t impact on your lives? Honestly, I don’t know.

So here’s one in the grey area between those extremes.

The basic concept: Take the opening scene from Casino Royale and remake it frame-for-frame in LEGO stop motion. Who could argue with that? My argument would be: no one. But should you take it to the next stage and get crowd-sourced funding to do that for four other iconic action scenes from movies? That’s the $64,000, or in this case somewhere between $10,0000 and $40,000, question.

I love seeing iconic movie moments translated into stop-motion LEGO. I just do. The combination of fan focus and LEGO skills make for a great result. But perhaps it is possible to take it all too far.

The Bricktease series may, or may very well not, be that step too far. (Although putting the question of whether the world needs more LEGO stop motion recreations to one side, if you do want to see more Brickteaser is the man to make them – he’s very talented.)

Look, at a ‘heart’ level I want to take nothing from Duncan McConichie’s efforts to raise funds to recreate great movie scenes in LEGO. I love the enthusiasm and the passion. I adore the commitment and the sheer geekery. I like the fact he’s local.

But my head says differently. At the end of the day there can only be so many movies remade in LEGO. At the end of the day originality will win out. And at some point the fact that you’ve invested an inordinate number of hours into the stop-motion recreating a scene is not enough to make it cool, or startling, or financially viable.

I’d love to be able to shower this idea with praise. And if we were on the West Coast of the USA I probably would because there are enough of us misfits there to form a critical mass. But here in Sydney, I have to, no matter how reluctantly, say that there is a limit to the number of LEGO stop-motion recreations that we can sustain.

Go ahead. Back the Pozible campaign and prove me wrong. In this case I’d love to be wrong.

3 thoughts on “Contemplating the depth of the market for LEGO stop motion movies

  • May 28, 2013 at 4:55 pm

    And of course now we have a 23 ton, 44 foot X Wing constructed of Lego it can only be a matter of time before Star Wars in in it’s entirety, soup to nuts, is re-shot in Lego.

    Otherwise I’m forced to conclude it’s going to be used to attack an unshielded thermal exhaust port on ASIO Headquarters. (Many Bothans died to bring us these plans.)

    • May 28, 2013 at 5:56 pm

      Can’t believe you put all those words together in one place. I’m sure some artificial intelligence anti-terrorism program just set off alarm bells and there’s a TIE fighter-shaped drone circling your house right now…


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