This is drivel not science – astrology is not science is not my favoured source of reliable information. So a bad article isn’t really a surprise. But there are times when it seems to plumb new depths.

A full Moon and lunar perigee this coming this weekend will make the Moon look big and bright, assuming the rain clouds hovering over Sydney at the moment clear. But according to an article in’s sci-tech section: “But while Saturday’s super moon might be good for some, it could spell bad news for our economy.” What? A bright Moon damages the economy? Will it cause car crashes? Make it hard for people to work on their computer screens? Keep people indoors and so depress the service industry? What could it be?

No, “It is significant for Australians because it will affect the finance sector of the national horoscope…” Who even knew that our whole nation has a horoscope? Has anyone told them that the Moon is not exclusive to Australia?  Aaaagh! This sci-tech, yes this is their idea of science and technology, article quotes two astrologers and a “soul mentor and healer” – not a scientist to be seen.

None of this is science or technology. It is at best lifestyle twaddle and at worst simply rubbish. If this is News Limited’s idea of science, then it goes a long way to explain their view on climate change.

If you’re interested here is a nice article on the science of the Moon looking larger and coming closer to Earth.

To see the article in its full glory you need to go here.

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