Flexischools new mobile site leaves me wanting more

flexischoolsFlexischools has just launched a new mobile site. It appears to be a mobile skin on their web pages so it is platform neutral – which is a good thing. Sadly it’s not fully functional compared to the desktop site.

I like Flexischools a lot and use it all the time. I was really hoping that their announced changes would address some of the quibbles I have with their approach. The good news is that you no longer have to buy an app to go mobile, and that’s certainly an improvement although I never could understand why they charged for the app in the first place.

The bad news is that they haven’t addressed what I consider to be one of their major weaknesses. Even on the desktop there’s no way to order something for a range of days. I can’t be the only parent whose child wants the same thing for several days in a row but something different the following week. On the desktop I can select an existing order and then add it to another date, one day at a time: It’s far more clunky than I’d like but it can be done. The mobile version doesn’t even have that degree of functionality: Every day’s order has to be created from scratch – which is a complete deal-breaker for me.

On the desktop this update doesn’t address my concerns from my initial review that “My only criticism is that the interface design could do with some work. It functions, but it’s not entirely intuitive or pretty.” They’ve put a lovely new login screen up but haven’t addressed the interface and functionality once you get behind the shopfront.

It’s great to see Flexischools is not resting on its laurels. Going properly mobile is a great move. The whole thing remains a wonderful service which uses technology to make a chore enormously easier. But I can’t help being a bit disappointed with this update and hoping for more next time.

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