Celebrate World Scratch Day at the Powerhouse

scratch day 2013It is officially World Scratch Day. Much as I love Scratch I struggle to see a programming language needed a day to itself. But then, I suppose, there are many less deserving things that get their own day.

Thinkspace at the Powerhouse Museum is running an event:

We’ll be remixing projects from the massive global scratch community, and adding animation based on some of the weird and wonderful things in our collection, and coolest images from our historic photo collections. We’ll be sharing our creations on our exclusive Scratch Day Gallery.

The gory details are as follows. When: 18 May 2013. Sessions: 11-12:15pm, 12:45-2pm, 2:30-3:45p. Cost$25, $20 members. Ages 7 and up. Details and bookings available from the Thinkspace webpage.

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