SMH shows how not to do an interactive feature

I was reading the paper this morning about changes to the Sydney rail timetable. I read my Sydney Morning Herald on the iPad, but I still use the digital edition that looks identical to the paper version. The article included a neat little graphic that summarised the changes to the rail timetable and suggested going on the web to see “how your station is affected in the new draft timetable.”

On the web I go. The web version of the graphic is exactly the same as the printed version with the exception that you have to click on the dots to see the information that was displayed on the face of the printed version. Exactly the same information. What on earth is the point of taking a lovely, clear graphic and taking information off it just to make it interactive. Really SMH, this may come as a shock but people don’t get that much gratification out of clicking a mouse button these days.

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