LEGO Mindstorms EV3 release date for Australia

mindstorms EV3

UPDATE: EV3 now released and priced.

The retail version of LEGO’s new Mindstorms EV3 set will be released in Australia in September 2013. LEGO can’t yet give a precise date.

The educational version is likely to be released earlier.

This third evolution of the Mindstorms kit comes with several significant changes. One of the big things is the ability to control the machine from an iPad or similar device – something I’ve always been reluctant about as it is more akin to remote control than real robotics. But, even as a start, decent memory, four motor-ports, built-in infrared sensor and beacon means there’s a lot to like.

The lack of compatibility with the current version is going to make for some challenges in an educational environment.

For more details and a fuller comparison see the Mindstorms website. In the meantime here’s the basic table comparing the current version, which can no longer be found in Australia, to the EV3 coming in September.

I’ll be interested to see what the pricing is like.


New play experience with apps Yes No
Connect to Apple devices Yes No
Voice control via apps Yes No

Connect your robot to Internet (via USB host) Yes No
Online building instructions – models in total 17 None
3D building instructions (the 5 main models) Yes No

Fewer building steps, less time Yes No
Social web site for the user Yes Yes for adults
Non-verbal paper instruction Yes No

Button backlight (3 colors) Yes No
Loudspeaker Premium Basic
Motor ports 4 3

Memory 16 MB 256 KB
Screen resolution 178×128 pixels 100×64 pixels
USB Host port Yes No

Master/slave robot control(Bluetooth) 1 master/7 slaves 1 master/3 slaves
Infrared Sensor Yes No
Infrared Beacon Yes No

SD card reader Yes No
Linux on intelligent brick Yes No
Processor ARM 9 ARM 7

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