Veritasium: go the laws of physics

Do you ever feel like you’ve just jumped into an alternate reality that’s just slightly different to where you came from? No? Just me?

Well I love science videos. My whole family does in fact. So we watch a lot of them and range fairly widely. And I write a blog on things geeky in Australia and spend a lot of time wandering around the antipodean parts of the Web. So how on Earth did I not come across Veritasium until yesterday? In my defense it could be that I had seen it and was misled by Derek Muller’s accent into thinking it wasn’t Australian, but that’s not much of a defense because it’s a brilliant science series regardless of its provenance.

Good science, quirky subjects, abounding enthusiasm, and scientists with Australian accents – what more could I ask for? Oh, and there’s a levitating barbecue; maybe I am in an alternate reality after all. If so, it’s a fine place to be.

Check out the Veritasium YouTube channel in all its glory here.

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