An augmented reality view of Sydney

Image: Powerhouse Museum.
Image: Powerhouse Museum.

Layar works on your Adroid or iOS phone, or your camera-totting pad, to provide an augmented reality view of the world. That means you see the picture of the world with an overlay providing additional information. Often the additional information will be restaurants, shops or things to see. In the case of the Powerhouse Museum’s ‘layar’ the overlay provides access to photos of historical Sydney.

There aren’t many photos and they don’t pop-up on the layer as actual photos which is a little disappointing. But, hey, it’s cute enough for a quick look if you’re interested in augmented reality – which is a technology with a pile of potential which edges closer to realisation as cameras and our access to cameras improves.

You’ll need the free Layar app, available from the usual places. Then take a look at the instructions on the Powerhouse’s website.


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