When the zombies come to Sydney… run

zescWhen the zombies come you don’t walk… you run! Zombie Escape Survival Challenge is “Australia’s first interactive Zombie-infested obstacle race experience”. It’s a race but you’re not just running against the clock — you’re running from brain-hungry, virus-spreading Zombies. The course is a mix of urban, inside, outside and field obstacles.

The basic idea appears to be that you start the race with a belt of flags. If you finish with the zombies having taken all your flags, you’re dead. At certain points there will be health packs with additional flags in them. And there will be obstacles to negotiate, so simple speed is unlikely to be enough.

You can choose to be a Runner or a Zombie. In fact the way it is organised you can take a turn being both if you have the energy. If you have less energy you can spectate.

The Sydney run is in May. Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth all get their own. Ticket prices don’t appear to have been released yet. Full details at: www.zesc.com.au.

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