Pirate Party Australia approved

pirate-party-australiaCome the next election you’ll be able to vote for the Pirate Party.

Pirate Party Australia has announced that its application for registration as a Federal political party passed all tests by the Australian Electoral Commission and it is now on the register of political parties.The Party says it will now turn its attention towards developing policies and the pre-selection of candidates for the upcoming Federal election.

The Pirate Party says it is “a party based around the core tenets of freedom of information and culture, civil and digital liberties, and governmental transparency.” Its published platform is wider than Internet freedoms, although issues such as copyright reform and privacy rights remain as its core. For the moment they are still fairly much a single-issue party, or at least single-focus.  That said, with the abysmal level of debate amongst the big political parties about NBN and video game ratings, having some politicians who might actually understand the modern world would be no bad thing. Actually, come to think of it, with the abysmal level of debate amongst the big political parties about almost everything, having another sane voice in Parliament would be no bad thing.

The Pirate Party has gained significant traction in Sweden and Germany, enough to make them a mainstream political movement. It will be interesting to see what happens down here. The first step will be to see where their wider policy development takes them.

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