Balloons to space from NSW

You know all those wonderful Youtube videos and TV programs about launching helium balloons to space? You didn’t think it was a matter of just grabbing a few party balloons and letting them go did you? Of course not. But beyond the obvious need for some more serious kit in the way of appropriate balloons and tracking devices there’s also the issue of the rules.

Luckily the high-flying Robert Brand has a website dedicated to his space exploits and detailing what’s required for a lift-off from NSW. Brand’s website,, is a treasure trove of local practical information on balloons into space. Importantly this includes how to get permission from the Civil Aviation Authority for a launch.

In addition he’s just taken it upon himself to solve one of the key problems faced by local space-balloon-o-nauts – namely where to buy weather balloons. Brand is now selling 350gram Totex Balloons for $45 including shipping.

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