Repeat cycle: Australian politicians’ fake Twitter followers

Australian politicians fake Twitter FollowersSome of our Australian politicians have a lot of fake Twitter Followers.

Having just ranted about the pernicious nature of judging people by their social media following I’m presenting this without any value judgment at all. Bear in mind that there are many ways for a follower to be labelled fake and that the more you use social media the more you’re likely to attract unwelcome attention from people linking to you.

I got these figures by looking at each politician’s Twitter page and then running them through Fake Follower Check. They warn that it may not be so accurate above 100,000 followers which could obviously affect three of our politicians. I also focused on fake Followers and ignored ‘inactive’ for these purposes. Final disclaimer, I chose a sample of high-profile politicians who had Twitter accounts I didn’t check them all.

This post was first published August 24th.

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