On yer bike, with tech

Bikes on the Harbour Bridge.

We rode the 50km from North Sydney to Sydney Olympic Park yesterday as part of  Sydney’ Spring Cycle. What a great event. The first 15km over the Bridge and through the City just drove home how great riding is when you don’t have to worry about cars: it was such a joy.

There were GPS devices of one sort or another all over the place. There really was never a moment when it wasn’t clear how far we’d gone. And that’s leaving aside the proliferation of smartphones being used for photos and mapping.

One of the very noticeable features of the ride was the serious number of people sporting GoPro cameras on their helmets or attached to their bikes. We even saw one demonstrate its rugged features when an accident had the owner land head-first on it (something which left me far more worried for the owner’s head than the camera). Our own GoPro endeavors came to naught thanks to a basic human error.

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