Mathletics launches iPad app

My kids have been using Mathletics for years, from way back before it became the behemoth it is today. And as we home-schooled and traveled last year one of the things we bemoaned was that Mathletics was not available on the iPad. Well now it is.

The iPad app contains the same curriculum based and live activities as the computer-based system. If anything it seems a little more pretty and polished than the computer-based system, but there don’t appear to be any fundamental changes.

Curriculum activities are downloaded right into the app with all points and credits automatically syncing with the student’s main desktop account. All of their results will appear in real-time in the Teacher Centre reports. Not all of the curriculum activities are available today, but they will be being added over the coming months; as will an Android version. As the app is free, there’s no loss in downloading it now and seeing if the stage your child is at is already available.

The Mathletics Student app also features an update to the Live Mathletics game. The hugely popular 60-second mathematical race game gets a sleek new interface and ten competition levels – expanded to include word problems, algebra, number patterns and even logarithms! The new-look Live Mathletics is also now available in desktop Mathletics.

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