Borderlands 2 is coming

I’m continually in awe of the creative skill shown by GirlyGamer aka Nerfenstein in modifying Nerf guns and generally recreating gaming items in the real world.

In honour of the imminent local release of Borderlands 2, in the early hours of tomorrow morning, here’s her Borderlands sniper rifle build in all it’s glory. As always GirlyGamer even explains how she went about making this.

Borderlands 2 is officially going to have ‘bazillions’ of weapon combinations. Lots and lots of fodder for the talented Ms Nerfenstein.

And while on Borderlands 2 some local madmen, hosted by Raw DLC, are going to be playing it through for the Childs Play charity from 6pm this Friday. They will be livestreaming the entire 30-40 hours of gaming with donations via a PayPal button on the page. All the details here.

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