iOS6 features in Australia

Not all of Apple’s recently announced upgrade features will be available to us in Australia. The actual list is bit strange; not of itself, but because it’s not apparent why countries like Botswana and Belorus get features we don’t get in Australia.

So, we do get most of the Siri features for what that’s worth. I still occasionally use Siri to put something in my diary when walking down the street, but I’ve not found it useful for much else yet so I find it hard to get excited about the features or lack thereof. Anyway we now will be getting: Sports; Twitter integration; Facebook integration; Local search; Restaurant information and reviews; and Movie information and reviews. We do not get: Restaurant reservations; and Movie showtimes.

On the mapping front I’m once again finding it hard to get exercised about the features given everything I’ve seen reported so far has the Apple maps lagging a long way behind Google. But the one feature that might have persuaded me to use the Apple ones regularly is turn-by-turn navigation and we don’t get it (although Moldova and Namibia do). We do get: Standard and Satellite maps; Directions; Traffic; Local search. We don’t get 3D buildings; Turn-by-turn navigation; and Business reviews and photos.

iOS6 releases in Australia on 20 September.

UPDATE: Apple has announced turn-by-turn navigation will be available in Australia from October.

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