Alan Turing Monopoly Board launched

Alan Turing Monopoly setAlan Turing was a genius, but he lost at Monopoly.

Bletchley Park has officially launched the Alan Turing Monopoly board, developed from a unique original board in the Bletchley Park Museum, hand-drawn by William Newman, son of Turing’s mentor, Max, over sixty years ago.

The new board is not quite the same as the hand-drawn original but it does come with a range of additional materials telling the story of Turing’s  remarkable life and his crucial role shaping the society we enjoy today. There are several unique twists to the Turing Monopoly board: I particularly like the community chest cards which include one saying “‘Auntie Flo is not so well” which was the code for the team to go immediately to Bletchley Park; and another covering the cost of hiring private eye to find Turing’s lost teddy bear, Porgy.

Turing’s face is also on all the banknotes. There’s a nice resonance in that given the current petition to put him on the new £10 note design.

The set is available only from Bletchley Park online shop with delivery expected in November. There’s also a Facebook page for the set.

In the meantime the Powerhouse Museum still has a Turing exhibition including an Enigma Machine.

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