Blackhawks over the Harbour

Blackhawk in action.

You just can’t help having a little frisson of excitement watching the Army’s Blackhawk helicopters swoop down over Sydney Harbour.

The helicopters, or more precisely I suppose their pilots, are undergoing training to ensure they are ready for “flying in all conditions across urban and rural areas”. Although the Army issued warning that it might be disruptive, thus far I’ve just found it fascinating. The Blackhawks are remarkably quiet for a machine of their size and power; not that you can miss them when they are hovering at rooftop height.

Apparently they will be around all this week with up to five of them conducting flights at a time. They don’t seem to be flying today though – maybe that’s because the rain would get in through those doors they leave open…

One thought on “Blackhawks over the Harbour

  • March 13, 2012 at 10:22 pm

    So the trick is – attack Australia in the rain?


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