Sleek Geeks a triumphant start to Science Week

Sleek Geeks at the Town Hall.

Ah the heady atmosphere of geekery that you get when over 2000 people come to see the Sleek Geeks strut their stuff. Breath deeply and know you are amongst friends.

The Sleek Geeks show at the Sydney Town wall was simply brilliant. With no more props than an old-time Powerpoint presentation, two (it must be said, rather annoying) laser pointers and a bag of marshmallows, Adam Spencer and Karl Kruszelnicki kept everyone learning and laughing. The array of topics they segued through was bewildering and delightful. I’m still not sure how they managed to make the conjunction of Rubik’s cubes, Mayan calendars, dead whales and trustworthiness work.

Where else could you have two presenters face off about who has the better asteroid named after them? And then get the argument resolved by asking Nobel Laureate Brian Schmidt to judge. Oh, it was so good.

Adam Spencer started the show by reassuring the audience there would be no test at the end. There was no need for a test, no one will be forgetting it in a hurry.

The Sleek Geeks show kicked off National Science Week and a range of local activities from the Science Festival.

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