LEGO Minecraft gets expensive downunder: August update

Minecraft diamonds.

A couple of months ago you could get the frighteningly popular LEGO Minecraft set from the US for between $70 and $80, including shipping. Now we can see economics in action: Scarce resources equal high prices.

The LEGO store is now showing as out of stock on the set and not expecting more until 15 November, handily in time for Christmas. That leaves the less official channels –  in particular going to Ebay. Right now the going rate on Ebay seems to be around A$130 including shipping from the US.

That’s expensive, very expensive, for a set that sells for $50 retail.

Then again, given the Ebay price seems to have jumped by over 50 per cent in two months, maybe this thing is worth buying as an investment instead of to play with. Certainly beats the returns on Sydney real estate right now.

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