Local ninjas building on the Internet of things

It’s always good to see a great idea coming out of Sydney. Local team Maddy, Marcus and Mark have created Ninja Blocks with the idea of making it easy to connect real-world activities to web apps.

Want to bridge the things in your life with the web? Maybe you want to get an alert when your friends are playing on Xbox Live, or send an SMS to your phone when someone is at your front door. Even if you’re an electronics expert, or a programming prodigy, these are complex, finicky projects. Ninja Blocks puts aside the complexity of electronics, networking, and coding and allows you to focus on creating.

There’s clearly an enormous future in this area and the combination of clever electronics, cute design and a real drive to succeed makes this one of the better such ideas around. I wrote a while ago about using the Picoboard (bought, by the way, from the same group’s company: Little Bird Electronics) with Scratch programs. A connection between the computer to the real world just fires up the kids imaginations. Well this grown-up version of the same basic concept is certainly firing up my imagination.

There is a Kickstarter page which is refreshingly over-subscribed already but offers some good deals in return for backing the project.

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