DesignTECH exhibition an inspiration

DesignTECH at the Powerhouse Museum is an inspirational little exhibition of the work of young designers from the 2011 Higher School Certificate Design and Technology course.

There’s quite a range of ideas on display from the more generically pure design of an iPad magazine through to the sheer problem-solving inventiveness of a new clothes-peg designed to help people with arthritis. One of the nice things about the exhibition is that it doesn’t just showcase the results but gives you an insight into the process of identifying a problem and finding a viable solution through research, design and prototyping.

My favourite item was too big to prototype though. The Anzac Express is a design for a train that does not need to stop. It slows on approaching a station and the last car drops off and with those who which to disembark. Simultaneously new passengers are waiting in a carriage which speeds up and then joins onto the back of the passing train. It’s a really innovative idea and is very well thought-through.

I think this exhibition would be inspirational for anyone; but if your kids, like mine, have aspirations to be inventors it’s an essential visit to see the work of young people actually getting beyond the ‘vague-idea’ stage.

DesignTECH runs from 18 February — 13 May 2012.

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