Grab your own piece of Australia and build a LEGO creation

The Opera House has gone and the Harbour Bridge is being claimed but there’s still a lot of Sydney ready to have a LEGO creation popped onto it.

Google and LEGO Australia have come together to create a new project called simply ‘Build‘. It’s a web app for Chrome that lets you build LEGO structures on the map right within Google’s browser.

The process of building is pretty easy. First you ask to have a plot assigned to you. The easiest way to do this is to type in an address and then double-click on it. Once you have a plot and build an accepted creation on it, you own it. The land grab for famous spots is already underway. I’d advise against using the built-in facility to let them find you a plot unless you want one way out in the ocean.

Building itself couldn’t be simpler. You just pick a brick type and pop it into place. You can rotate the build area, zoom in and out and so on. The instructions are on the screen and really are only marginally harder than using real LEGO. This is all old-school LEGO building with the simple bricks, doors and windows. There are some rules about what you can build – nothing inappropriate, no advertising, that sort of thing. That still leaves a lot of room for creativity.

Right now you can only choose a plot in Australia and New Zealand – reflecting the local nature of the project.

By the way, the project is touted as being integral to Chrome but there’s no reason it won’t work in some other browsers. For full details see

Images: Google, Build, LEGO.

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