More, more geeky day trips in Sydney


The site name says it all.

Nerdy Day Trips is a rather cool site which aims to put together a map of places a geek might want to visit. The site is UK-based (hence the use of ‘nerd’) but covers the world. It’s looking to create a list of geeky destinations, especially “…as many as possible of the more obscure ones, the clearing with the abandoned factory, a strange earth feature of nerd interest, the terrifying power station, the water slide park, and so on. Our fantasy is that on any given road trip, you will be able to find a nerd stop somewhere along your route.”

The site was created by Dr Ben Goldacre who says,

“I am a very big fan of nerdy day trips, from Sea Forts to abandoned nuclear bunkers, dead victorian racecourses, roads that are falling into the ground, narrow gauge railways that take you to a power station, wherever. I like decaying infrastructure, terrifying modernity, and enthusiast-run museums with 6 pages of small-font text explaining every exhibit (looking at you, Bletchley Park).”

There are hundreds of sites in the UK, the US and Europe, so it’s fantastic if you are planning an overseas trip. Even other places in Australia are reasonably well-represented.

So what about Sydney? At the moment we have three destinations listed – the Sydney Observatory is the only one in central Sydney. Further out there is Rodd Island and the site of an instrument used in observing the transit of Venus in Parramatta.

There must be more geeky trips  in Sydney: time to put on our thinking caps.

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