Look Mum, no lycra!

The old-fashioned look.

So I rode my bicycle over the Harbour Bridge and into the City this morning (which, by the way, was a joy). It’s not a long ride so I just tucked my cargo pants into my sock to prevent them getting caught in the chain and set off on my lovely, shiny new bike. Now I know the pants-in-the sock-thing is not a great look, but hey it’s not a long ride and the purpose of the trip was to replace those very cargo pants which, after a year spent travelling the world, don’t look up to much in any environment any more.

I was riding back and stopped at the lights, while my lycra-clad colleagues ignored the red and sped by me, when a little girl on the footpath tugged on her mother’s arm, pointed at me and said loudly “Look Mum, an old-fashioned bike!”

Now I think my bike is embarrassed to be seen with me…

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