Federal funding for five Sydney science projects

Five Sydney science projects have received Federal funding. The main one is $150 000 for the Ultimo Science Festival at the Powerhouse Museum.

The relevant politicians said a lot of self-serving things, but that doesn’t take anything away from the fact that science funding generally is a good thing and backing the Ultimo Science Festival is a very good thing.

The other four Sydney projects are:

Project Title Organisation Funds Description
The National Science Challenge University of Sydney


An online science challenge aimed primarily at year nine science students. The challenge runs for several weeks and provides problems from a range of technical disciplines that are automatically marked online. Online delivery of the Science Challenge enables limitless scalability, Australia-wide access, and instant expert feedback for participants.
The Dream of the Thylacine Erth Visual & Physical Inc


A live show for children and families based on the thylacine. The shows will use animated life-sized custom-made puppets, detailed narration incorporating myth and fact, projected images and live footage. It focuses on themes such as biology, ecology, environmental science and the social sciences. The show will feature at the 2013 international arts festival Ten Days On The Island, at the Tasmanian Museum & Art Gallery (TMAG) in Hobart and the Queen Victoria Museum & Art Gallery (QVMAG) in Launceston. The show will then undergo national and international touring in museums where thylacine exhibits are housed and/or research is carried out.
ACCELERATOR: A collaborative public program where art and science collide. Culture at Work


Ten presentations will be developed and presented jointly by scientists and artists, covering science topics such as climate science, physics, neuroscience and cancer research and microscopy. These will be presented to the community of Jackson’s Landing in Pyrmont with some additional post-presentation events to allow audience members to directly interact with scientists.
Inspiring Australia – General public learning for involvement in marine science University of Sydney


A series of seminars, which can be tailored in terms of depth and detail according to audience, designed to generate community interest in marine science and associated local activities. The program is a partnership of the University of Sydney and the Marine Education Society of Australia (MESA). On completion of the program, the seminar resources will be given to local marine education groups to continue using in their community engagement.

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