Oz Comic-Con just around the corner, and we get some Oz superheroes

Oz Comic-Con is coming to Sydney at the end of the month. Showcasing everything from fan art to internationally recognised artists, celebrities from film and television, comic books, video games, exclusive merchandise and cosplay – it covers everything you’d expect. 

In addition to the usual, Oz Comic-Con is doing something local and different in announcing the launch of SuperAustralians, a story that captures our iconic nation in a range of heroes and villains.

“In an age where superheroes have dominated the screen and the page, it’s about time we have stories that are far closer to home. “

“Assembling 12 heroes from all walks of life, SuperAustralians witnesses the ultimate battle against evil with threats from 12 villains across every state, territory and geographical climate of Australia from the parched deserts in Western Australia to the ice covered Australian Antarctic Territory.

From evil cyborgs and masked bikie-cult leaders to metamorphic racist politicians and ancient demons, there are surprises hiding in every corner of this vast land that reflect Australia’s unique creativity and some of our myths, legends and recent (though sometimes embarrassing) news stories.”

The exclusive preview launch at Oz Comic-Con in September will give attendees the chance to meet the creators of the comic, grab a copy before it officially goes on sale, and discover a new avenue of pop culture. 

Sydney Oz Comic-Con:
September 28th and 29th
Sydney Showground
Schedule: https://ozcomiccon.com/sydney/schedule/

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