Boozle: more cheap beer

Yesterday I wrote about Deals To Drink. It turns out they are not alone in supporting the quest for cheap booze.

Boozle is online only, but has an absolutely lovely interface and a range of supporting services including a couple which address the concerns I had about Deals To Drink. You can restrict your search to your local area and you can have alerts sent to you. Those two features alone make this my preferred option. Boozle says

Our goals are simple, to ensure alcohol consumers always get the best price available, and to ensure retailers are rewarded for providing the lowest prices.

Assuming that the prices given are the lowest, Boozle is pretty enough that you’d want to use it on a computer just for the overall experience.

Strangely the mobile experience is not as well-executed. There seem to be too many steps in doing a search and it doesn’t go back a step easily. It works but it’s not as simple as Deals to Drink. Also when you use the mobile version is doesn’t seem to just display the local stores – which given that there’s every chance your device has GPS is a real omission.

Anyway, that makes two viable alternatives in the search for cheap booze.

And I know this is silly, but I do love the way the Boozle dog moves when you mouse-over it. It’s just an attention to detail thing. And it makes me smile even without having had a cheap beer.

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