Sydney, the robots are coming…

There are a bunch of robotics talks and activities coming up in the next few weeks.

First and foremost, RoboCup 2019 is in Sydney. Taking place at the International Convention Centre from the 2 – 8 July 2019, the event will feature a combination of Artificial Intelligence and robotics through robots competing in a variety of league competitions.

Off the back of RoboCup there are a number of events, many backed by the UNSW Centre for Ideas. First up is a series of talks around the theme of Living with 21st Century Technology, in particular robots. The series begins with a talk from renowned British scientist and author, Dr Kate Devlin, on the slightly taboo but ultimately fascinating topic of Sex Robots –  providing an informed insight into an obvious extension of our obsession with “gadgets”, which doesn’t often make it into the limelight. You can read more salacious details and book at:

On 4 July there’s RoboEthics at the Sydney Town Hall which is themed around the question: When we build robots and artificial intelligence, is there anywhere we shouldn’t go?  Should AI’s have rights and rules? And if so who should create them and enforce them? Join UNSW robots and AI expert Professor Toby Walsh, researcher and digital strategist Kate Devlin, philosopher Matthew Beard and legal ethicist Justine Rogers to tackle these moral dilemmas and determine how these rapidly emerging technologies will impact our tomorrow. Cost is $10 and for more information and bookings go to:

Then on 6 July there is RoboReveal: “Self-driving cars, surgery bots, Siri. We’re familiar with the robots of science fiction and fantasy, but in the not too distant future, robots will play an even bigger part in our everyday lives. We have already welcomed robots into our homes, cars and pockets, so what’s next? Will they be joining soldiers on the battlefield, sitting next to us in the office or replacing our human friends? Join Marita Cheng, Toby Walsh and more for a discussion on the exciting (and sometimes daunting) developments in robotic technology. This event is suitable for families and will include an audience Q&A.” Gory details and bookings at:

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