Is it hot right now?

There are many websites that tell you the current temperature, but Is it Hot Right Now? puts that temperature fully in context.

One of the great problems when we talk about global warming and its effects is that people confuse how hot they feel with any sort of statistical trend. So the more ways we have to actually see, and especially to visualise, what’s really going on the better.

That’s where Is it Hot Right Now? is fabulous. It takes the current temperature and show it to you in context – after a short and very Australian summary. The context shows the current temperature against the daily average over the last decades and against the distribution of temperatures typical for this time of year. If there’s any weakness in this approach it is that the current temperature at the time you look at the web-page is being compared to an average for a day in history, so looking in the morning (when the current temperature is low) will tend towards today being seen as cool.

Finally the site compares every day in the year to similar times of year in the past. No surprise, but this year the results are largely red – with this year being hotter than the past.

The site covers Australia’s capital cities and Sydney City and Sydney West.

Is it Hot Right Now? does one thing and does it fabulously. If you have any interest in what’s happening to our climate, or more prosaically our weather, take a couple of minutes and have a look.

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