Star Stuff – the Festival of Space, Science & Astronomy – is returning

Star Stuff is returning to Byron Bay this July 7th and 8th with an amazing line-up of speakers and activities.

“Under the moonless sky, with the Milky Way high overhead in the dark skies of Byron Bay, Australia’s leading experts on Space, Cosmology, Astronomy, Astrophsyics, Astrophotgraphy and Science come together for a series of keynote talks on everything from Australia’s new space agency, space photography, and even a movie screening.”

Speakers Include : Fraser Cain (CAN / Science Publisher), Dr Alan Duffy (AU, Computational Astrophysicist), Amy Shira Teitel (USA – Space Historian), Geoff Notkin (USA / Meteorite Expert), Terry Lovejoy (AU Comet Discoverer), Dr David Malin (AU AAO Astronomer), John Sarkissian OAM(AU CSIRO Scientist), James Gilmour (AU Private Space Agency), Greg Quicke (AU Observatory, aka Space Gandalf), Cathal O’Connell (AU Nanotech / Science Writer), Dylan O’Donnell (AU / Byron Bay Astronomer).

Astronomy equipment and suppliers will also be exhibiting at the venue which will be open to the general public, but ticket holders will also be treated to giveaways, a movie screening, a luxury VIP dinner, the Fraser Cain keynote speech and potentially win a Celestron Evolution 6 complete telescope package.

Star Stuff is a privately funded event and was conceived as “smart entertainment” for inspiring interest in astronomy, space and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) fields generally. Last year Star Stuff proceeds helped fund a small observatory for Wiley Park Girls School in western Sydney. Although only the second year, Star Stuff is already considered one of the larger amateur astronomy events in Australia.

All of the details and the means of making bookings are on the Star Stuff website.

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