The Choose Maths Awards for teachers and students are open

The Choose Maths Awards have two streams – teachers and students – and both are backed by very worthwhile prizes.

The Teachers Awards, and there are several, are aiming to find “inspiring maths teachers whose influence and impact has shaped learning and success well beyond their classroom”. The organisers say they are looking for Australia’s most engaging and innovative teachers dedicated to fostering student achievement, enjoyment and potential.

One particularly interesting award is the Mentoring Girls in Mathematics Award which recognises one teacher who has demonstrated outstanding achievement in inspiring and fostering the participation of girls in mathematics.

The student prizes involve teams creating a video which runs for three to five minutes. The video must be based on the 2018 competition theme: OUR WORLD NEEDS MATHS. “The aim of the competition is for students to produce a video which explains a mathematical problem, or demonstrates an application of mathematics, using clear and precise mathematical language, in a creative and entertaining way. Students compete as a team in order to foster a positive environment, giving them the opportunity to reason and work collaboratively.”

Student prizes range for $1000 to $2000 plus support for a trip to Melbourne for the prize-giving. Teacher prizes range from $1000 to $10000 for each of the teachers and schools. I know it’s not all about the prizes, but they should certainly provide some incentive to enter.

Nominations close in July and all the details are here.

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