Star Stuff returning to Byron Bay in July – that’s astronomy not astrology

Star Stuff, the festival of space, science and astronomy is back for 2018. Running from July 7th to 8th in Byron Bay it has an impressive array of speakers lined up. The weekend at the Elements of Byron resort features solar and nighttime astronomy if the weather allows, but is otherwise a showcase of back-to-back keynote talks from space and astronomy experts.

Dr Alan Duffy, who attended the first Star Stuff also expressed enthusiasm for the event. “Star Stuff was the best Australian astronomy event I’ve been to and I can’t wait to come back to see it bigger and better in 2018. Australia is on the verge of getting its own space agency making Star Stuff II even more timely as we can discuss the direction the nation takes in exploring the final frontier.”

Tickets run from about $120-250 depending on how VIP you want to be.

It all looks like an excellent way to spend some astronomy time this winter. Not sure they’re doing themselves many favours with the UFO on the poster though.

See the website for the more down-to-earth details.

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