Huge LEGO exhibition coming to Sydney

A LEGO exhibition made up of 38 never-seen-before LEGO models, totaling more than 1.5 million bricks and clocking up more than 4,500 hours of build-time is coming to Sydney after Christmas.

Curated and built by Australia’s only certified LEGO Professional, Ryan McvNaught, Brickman Awesome will showcase the only life-sized LEGO Harley Davidson ever made and the largest ever LEGO Caterpillar 797 dump truck! There’s also a full-sized LEGO Australian saltwater crocodile, weighing over 60kgs and built using more than 40,000 LEGO bricks!

The exhibition, made entirely from LEGO bricks, will showcase the tallest LEGO model in the Southern Hemisphere – a NASA SLS rocket standing at a whopping 7.5m tall and built from more than 450,000 bricks. Taking more than 500 hours to create, Ryan has pushed LEGO building boundaries by installing an in-built lighting system giving the effect that the rocket is blasting off into space.

It’s not all watching. Visitors can help the Brickman team expand their LEGO colony of Emperor Penguins, build their very own time machines and even put them on display next to Ryan’s LEGO models of Doctor Who’s TARDIS and the DeLorean from Back to the Future.

Opening on Boxing Day at the ICC Sydney, Convention and Exhibition Centre, Brickman Awesome will entertain LEGO® fans until 4th February 2018,

The website has more bricky details.

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