Parents and kids together in tech at the Powerhouse

I’m not wild about much that’s happening at the Powerhouse – moving it, The Wiggles, knitting circles – but I love the idea of the workshops for kids and families every weekend during March.

The workshops are designed for parents and kids to work together (there are also others just for kids). Computer Science Unplugged, Minecraft, Paper Circuits – there’s a nice range of activities aimed at getting kids and parents learning and working together. Bookings and details are here.

By the way, sometime in the last little while the Powerhouse seems to have dropped its Thinkspace branding on these sorts of activities. I wonder if they were worried that Thinkspace was getting a better reputation that MAAS or Powerhouse? Personally, I think it’s a mistake to remove the differentiated branding for core STEM activities like learning coding and leave them tangled up with visits to The Wiggles.

Regardless, these sorts of courses and activities remain the most inspirational things that the Powerhouse is doing and they look great as always.

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